Email Users – Email Migration Info


Dear Valued Customer,

You should have received an email with subject “Arbuckle Communications, Inc. Customer Notification- Email Conversion Action Required”. This was automatically generated from an outside team with the new migration platform. We want to explain further the details, as well as let you know that these steps need to be taken in order to keep your current email address and other data.

Google has decided to shut down the Google Apps platform that Arbuckle Communications, Inc. has been providing for email services for your email account. Please note that your email address will not change and we are working hard to make this change as seamless as possible.

Although we are disappointed in Google’s decision, we need to be prepared since they will be disabling our accounts and purging our data this summer. In light of this, we have used our knowledge and experience to find an efficient, quality solution for this situation and we are going to put it to work for you. We will be migrating your email address along with email, mail folders, and your contacts to a new email platform. All accounts must be migrated to the new platform within the coming weeks to meet the June 15th deadline.

If you are using email client software (such as Outlook, or Apple mail) or a smartphone device set to sync email and other services with your email account, you will need to update a few settings to prepare your software and devices for the changeover.

*Please follow the steps at the link provided to update your devices:

For assistance with updating your email settings, please visit our support page or call our Technical Support Team at 877-299-5144.

If you have been using Google services, other than Gmail, with your email address, then you must archive and download your data using Google Takeout, a simple tool designed to facilitate the capture and archiving of Google services data. Other data that you may have stored in your Google account may include, calendars, Picasa image albums, documents, and YouTube videos. Please note: All images, calendars, and other data must be migrated by the June 15th deadline. If you do not do this by the cutoff date, your data will be lost.
*For instructions on how to export your data please use the following link:

We appreciate your patronage and for choosing Arbuckle Communications, Inc. as your ISP. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes please call us. For more information on the new email platform go to:


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